Oya, Santeria And The Orisha Of The Winds

Oya, Santeria And The Orisha Of The Winds

OYA; Santeria and the Orisha of the Winds by Raul

The Dark Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Change of the Yoruba People.This site is for those interested in learning more about the great Orisha YANSA or OYA. she is still the Orisha of wind and lightening.

Business Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 AM - 6:45 PM Sun. 11 AM - 4:45 PM Closed On: Christmas, New Year.Oya is the ruler of storms and the winds, the protector of cemeteries and the patroness of the marketplace.

Oya or Iansa, feminine Orisha of the winds, lightning, storm, thunder, the Niger and also the passions.Oya - Santeria and the Orisha of the Winds. The purpose of the this book is to present the major Orishas of Santeria in.

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Oya rise of the Orisas - African Superhero Movie. Santeria and Umbanda among others. Orisha of the hurricane, goddess of the wind.Understanding her complexities is like trying to catch the wind.Oya is the only Orisha that has power over the dead. Oya is the powerful Yoruban Orisha of the winds and tempests. goddess, Orisha, Santeria. 1.Wind Storms Purple, Red and Orange. OYA. You are an Orisha with many sisters. OYA IFA and the Spirit of the Wind, Awo FaLokun Fatunmbi Santeria:.

Oya is the Orisha of the Winds and the winds of Change. Santeria and Lukumi are the two most prominent systems in the west. 6 Responses to Understanding Oya.If you need a different length that what is listed please email me here.

Santeria Filipina Santeria practitioners in the Phillipines share their unique flavor of Mami Wata.She can manifest as winds ranging from. the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone.

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Oya – The Dark Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Change

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In Santeria, Yemaya tricked Oya into swapping the cemetary,. 1 Oya and Yemaya are both important Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon. Oya, Lady of the Wild Winds.

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As you observe the orishas at work in the world and in your own lives you will gain a better understanding of them and their.She is considered either the sister of the Orisha of storms Shango, or one of His three wives, with Oshun and Oba.

This video is about Oya, Goddess of the cemetery, winds and warrior Goddess.

The Mother of nine children, she brings good fortune and change, as well as lightning and tornadoes.Listen or download Oya Orisha Of The Wind February 2 2014 music song for free.

A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, to whom She gave the power to create storms.Day of Candelaria – Cleansing with Oya for. which syncretizes in Santeria with the Orisha Oya. If you feel stuck in the present or the past the winds of Oya...The African Orisha Oya is a deity presiding over cemeteries,.Please buy Oya Orisha Of The Wind February 2 2014 album music.And yall know there are many ways to experience change. Oya is about that life AND she is the wind of change.